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︎︎︎    Crafting STOÀ                                        11/02/2022

Conversation and exhibition opening
giovedì 11 febbraio 2021 ore 18:00
Politecnico di Milano
Aula Gamma, Galleria del Progetto

Anna Barbara
Marco Biraghi
Aslı Çiçek
Giancarlo Floridi
Martina Landsberger
Elena Rocchi


Andrea Campioli


Jacopo Leveratto
Tommaso Brighenti

This exhibition is an attempt to disclose and put in order Stoà’s archive, after a year of work, comprised of more than five hundred images collected during the construction of the first two issues dedicated to the role of models and drawings as tools for architectural design pedagogies. The exhibition is organized into three sections: reading, thinking and
making. Three actions that are impossible to disconnect one from another, yet irreplaceable moments that are autonomous in the unfolding of the design process. To read reality, its questions and themes. Reading is understanding. To think the project, its possibilities and then its space. Thinking is making. Making as a synthetic action, an indispensable physical act through which ideas become matter and, vice versa, matter refines ideas through its physicality. Making is, at the same time, a way of reading and thinking about reality. Crafting Stoà is therefore a first occasion to open the doors of our virtual editorial office making it physical: an action to look back at the starting point of our journey.

STOÀ Journal
Strumenti per l’insegnamento della progettazione architettonica
2021 - Published by Thymos Books
ISSN  2785-0293